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Praise and Worship Workshops

Helping Worship Leaders Blossom


As I travel and minister in local churches around the country, I focus on teaching the importance of Spirit-led worship in corporate services. In my workshops, I specifically train praise and worship teams to flow with the Holy Spirit in a church service as well as in their own individual lives. Above all, I teach worship leaders to first cultivate a deep, personal life of worship before ever leading others into the rivers of corporate Spirit-led worship.

I also help worship leaders understand their proper function in the local church. Because worship leaders are a vital part of the ministry of helps, they are called to assist the pastor in his role of ministry. Through their voices and their instruments, worship leaders work together to create an anointed atmosphere for the pastor to effectively preach the Word of God.



In my workshops, I encourage worship leaders to excel in their vocal and musical talents. As stewards of the gift of God, worshippers can and should continue cultivating their musical abilities to glorify Jesus and bless the Body of Christ. I believe it’s important for worship leaders to be educated in both the technical and spiritual aspects of praise and worship so the Church can move forward in real Spirit-led presence and power.

Ultimately, my heart’s desire is to train music ministers and leaders, choirs, and praise and worship teams to flow with the Holy Spirit. When worshippers know how to follow God when He is moving, then and only then, will the Church have a real move of the Spirit of God. True worship ushers in God’s mighty power to heal the sick, minister the Word, set the captives free, and completely transform lives from darkness to light!

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